Stutter Records
In December 2009 the grunge band caught the attention of record executives at the Manchester England indie record label Swerve Records and were approached with an offer to sign the band to their overseas label as well as their U.S. label affiliate Stutter Records.

When The Music Stops
Sirensong will be featured alongside three other bands in the upcoming documentary "When The Music Stops" which chronicles the band on the road and on tour and is being produced by the bands manager Vicki Hamilton and their record label Stutter Records and set to be released in the spring of 2011.

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Stutter Records Artists Velvet Garden and Sirensong

Stutter Records Artists Velvet Garden and Sirensong

Today we welcome Stutter Records artists Velvet Garden and Sirensong to the site! Both groups signed to Stutter in 2009, the American subsidiary of the Manchester-based British label Swerve Records.

Sirensong is a grunge band that, like MadeLoud, calls Texas its home base. The trio's first record, Survivors Can't Pretend, came out in 1997, and was followed by recordings throughout the remainder of the nineties. More recently, the band became managed by Vicki Hamilton and paired up with Stutter. Below, see the video for the track "Issues."

A more recent formation, Velvet Garden are another grungy trio whose first release, Hell Springs Flames, came out two years ago.

Both bands are interviewed, we believe, in a forthcoming documentary directed by Hamilton called Until The Music Ends.